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We are excited to launch our new league logo and website for this year's JTTL! This brand new site keeps track of all Player Statistics as well as Team Statistics. Last season's JTTL results and standings have been uploaded. This mobile friendly site also allows you to review your scores instantly after the completion of a tie, and share your results with your friends on Facebook. Click here to check out the new look!

The first week of play will be on the 24th/25th of February.

The Draw & Schuedule is now up on the new website! Please go to and click on JTTL - Draw & Schedule.

Follow all the action and check out the weeks photo gallery on the JTT Facebook Page!

          JTT Mini Grand Slam Series 2018: Ages 5-8

JTT Mini is a fun morning of tennis for all young tennis enthusiasts starting out with, tennis aged 5 years to 8 years. It is designed to ensure their first experience of tennis competition is positive. It encourages a higher success at serving and rallying by using bigger, slower, softer balls and smaller courts. JTT Mini is an action packed 2.5 hours of round robin singles matches, fast moving, with easy scoring, different opponents, and a focus on fun. For more information about JTT Mini please Click Here

Registration for 2018 Grand Slam Series is open - Click Here to Register

Dates Red Ball:
Australian Open
Sunday Januray 28th
French Open
Sunday March 18th
Sunday August 19th
US Open
Sunday September 9th

Dates Orange ball:
Australian Open
Sunday February 11th
French Open
Sunday May 20th
Sunday August 26th
US Open
Sunday October 21st

If you have any feedback (positive or negative) on the league please fill out the form here.

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JTTL Sportsmanship Award
Season 2 2017
Justine Kwek Hui Xian

 (Team Raqueteers)

Congratulations to Justine, the Season 2 JTTL Sportsmanship Award Winner! Justine was voted into the award by her peers as well as tournament organizers. She always plays with fantastic sportsmanship and attitude. Justine is constantly fair with line calls and often can be seen applauding opponents winning shots. A true example for younger players to look up to.

Congratulations to Justine!

Thank you to all major sponsors of JTT.