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       Lacoste Junior Team Tennis League Season 1, 2016

Lacoste JTTL Season 2 Registration Filling up Fast

Registration for Season 2 is filling up fast. Please register asap to avoid disappointment as numbers are limited!
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Season 1 Final Results

Winner: Slam Dunk
Runner Up: The Avengers
3rd Place: Swiss Club Slammers

Winner: SAS Jammers
Runner Up: Junior Warriors
3rd Place: Team Aces

Winner: Team Rafa
Runner Up: Smashers 12
3rd Place: Tomahawks

Winner: Fast and Furious
Runner Up: Super Seven
3rd Place: Eager Eagles

Winner: Tennis Titans
Runner Up: Baby Got Backhand
3rd Place: Warriors United

Winner: Swiss Club Spinners
Runner Up: BC 14B
3rd Place:
Team Nishikori      


Winner: Hit 'N' Run
Runner Up: UWC Warriors
3rd Place: Break Point


Winner: The bEASTS
Runner Up: Team Raonic
3rd Place
: Hot Shots & Hall of Frame


Winner: MCM 17B
Runner Up: BC 17B
3rd Place: Team Agassi

Useful Links for Players/Parents:

Reserve List - place your name to get extra matches or to contact a reserve if you are short.
Waiver Form: Every participant must complete before the first match.
Lacoste Sportsmanship Nomination Form: Stand out players or teams
Request the use of a reserve (To request permission once you have found a reserve)
Comments/Feedback Form: Any feedback positive or negative please fill in this form.

          Lacoste JTT Mini Tournament 2015: Ages 5-8

JTT Mini is a fun morning of tennis for all young tennis enthusiasts starting out with, tennis aged 5 years to 8 years. It is designed to ensure their first experience of tennis competition is positive. It encourages a higher success at serving and rallying by using bigger, slower, softer balls and smaller courts. JTT Mini is an action packed 2.5 hours of round robin singles matches, fast moving, with easy scoring, different opponents, and a focus on fun.

For more information about JTT Mini please Click Here
The next Mini tournament will take place on Sunday October 9th, 2016 from 9:00am-11:30am. All matches will be played at UWCSEA, Dover Campus. Click Here to register now.

If you have any feedback (positive or negative) on the league please fill out the form here.

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Lacoste Sportsmanship Award
Season 1, 2016

Chloe Lomans (JCC)


Chloe Lomans was presented with the Season 1 Lacoste Sportsmanship award. Throughout the season Chloe displayed exemplary attitude and sportsmanship, often complementing opponents on good shots or being heard to say "nice try" when they would miss. Being gracious in victory and in defeat is a major determining factor in this award and Chloe was the perfect example of this.  These are the attributes that line up with the JTTL and Lacoste philosophy of fairplay in sport.

Congratulation Chloe Lomans!


Coordinators will be following the below policy with regards to the haze:
PSI <100 = Matches continue as scheduled
PSI >100 = Matches will be postponed/rescheduled

If the reading is between 100-120 at the start of the tie, and if all parents of the 4 players are agreeable then the doubles match can start. If even 1 of the 4 parents/players does not agree then the match will not go ahead.

PSI readings will be based on the 3hour PSI, based on the hourly updates from NEA.
You can see the current reading here.
Any updates will be posted on the JTT site as soon as possible.

Thank you to all major sponsors of JTT.