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1.   Email Information to Players: Please forward all necessary information you receive to players. You will receive the draw, roster, rules and regulations at the launch day. All information will be on the website and also emailed. Everything will be up on the website for players to access as well. All scores and the overall point’s tables will also be updated each week.

Website:  (click on Junior Team Tennis Link)

2.   Ranking Players: You are responsible for making sure your players are ranked in order of ability, based upon your knowledge of their tennis skills, from #1 (highest performing player on the team) to #6 (or #7 if applicable).  If you are uncertain, please enquire with JTT management and the onsite coordinator. All teams will be listed in order of ranking. For any changes, please contact JTT Management.

You can make changes in the first two weeks only (before the start of week 3)

3.   Weekend Enquiries: For all concerns/scheduling/missing players and general enquiries during the weekend, please contact Goran Ahlstrand at Please note: Refer to reserves lists on website if you are short on players before contacting Goran.

4.   Rostering: You will be responsible for coordinating the roster of your team members for each week. This will be completed at Launch Day or you may contact the players directly. You will be given a roster template and sample at the Launch Day. We will also be available to assist. Please do your best to ensure that all players are rostered to play at least four weeks and that you take into account what weekends they cannot attend. You may like to email this to all players prior to the first week of play.

5.   Order of Play: Please ensure that the players play in the correct order (listed in order 1 – 6 on the team sheet). Please consult the sample roster. It demonstrates, for example, if you have your number 1 and 4 away one week how to do the roster. Please ask us if you need assistance. The onsite coordinator will help with this if you need.

Point of Contact for Team Members and Sourcing Reserves: You are the point of contact for each player if they are unable to attend their rostered week. If they cannot make their week they will contact you. You can then ask one of your reserves to play. Please try to ensure this person still gets their allocated minimum 4 weeks of play if possible, by rescheduling them on for another match.  If you cannot get a reserve to play you may then look up the reserves list on the website ( ) click Junior Team Tennis, then reserves. You may then contact a person from that list. Teams are able to source reserves from other teams (no more than 2 per tie).

IF YOU ARE USING A RESERVE YOU MUST FILL IN THE REQUEST A RESERVE FORM BY FRIDAY BEFORE MATCH. You will then be notified if your reserve request has been accepted or rejected.

You cannot fill in for another team in your own or a lower grade.

Please check with JTT management regardless where to play the reserve. This must be done 24 hours prior to the tie, and JTT will consider on a case by case basis and its decision is final.

Teams that are not able to field a full team must notify JTT management by Thursday before the match. If you have an illness on the day of play and cannot find a reserve then you may play with 3 players and forfeit number 4 singles and doubles bottom doubles.

You cannot use a player from outside the league. All players that are filling in for a team MUST be registered for a team or singed up as an individual player but were not allocated to a team.

NO reserves are to be used for Play-off matches and Finals. Teams must only play players that are registered in their team listing. NO Exceptions.

1.   Attend Matches: It is not compulsory for managers to attend matches, but if you are not in attendance please ensure the players or a parent knows who is playing that week, when and where. The onsite coordinator will have the balls and score sheet. If you are unable to attend and no other parent will be there please inform the coordinator (there is a coordinator at every venue to run the matches).

2.   Changes of Players Rankings: If you have any concerns over the ranking of players on your team or an opposing team please discuss with the coordinators, or email JTT. Changes can be made in the first two weeks only.

3.   Rain: Regardless of weather conditions, everyone must go to the site. The onsite coordinator will make the final decision if it is called off due to rain. If the tie has started the onsite coordinator will be responsible for delaying or cancelling play on the day. Refer to rules for rain and rescheduling.

4.   Concerns: If you have any queries or concerns during week hours please email or call Goran Ahlstrand (9646 5703). For all enquiries during the weekend, please contact Goran Ahlstrand (9646 5703)

Thank you to all major sponsors of JTT.