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JTT MINI Grand Slam Series - 2018


JTT Mini is a fun morning of tennis for all young tennis enthusiasts starting out with tennis aged 5 years to 8 years. It is designed to ensure their first experience of tennis competition is positive. It encourages a higher success at serving and rallying by using bigger, slower, softer balls and smaller courts. JTT Mini is an action packed 2.5 hours of round robin singles matches, fast moving, with easy scoring, different opponents, and a focus on fun. Players will have assistance with scoring on each court if required and will have the chance to win spot prizes, and overall prizes for players with the most points.

JTT Mini is designed to provide a pathway for players wanting to play more, introduce competition and will help them get ready for The Junior Team Tennis League, School Tennis, Spex Tournaments etc.

2.  Age Group Eligibility and Ability

All junior players (boys and girls) are eligible. The age group is for players aged between 5 years to 8 years:

Born between and including 2010 and 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: Players must have had some form of tennis experience, such as club coaching or playing with parents. They need to be able to sustain some form of a rally. i.e. Hit 3 balls in a row and be able to drop a ball and hit over the net. They don’t need to be able to serve over arm.

3.  Dates
JTT Mini will run four tournaments over four Sundays, 9:00am – 11:30am: (you can play all four or just one)

Dates Red Ball:
Australian Open
Sunday Januray 28th
French Open
Sunday March 18th
Sunday August 19th
US Open
Sunday September 9th

Dates Orange ball:
Australian Open
Sunday February 11th
French Open
Sunday May 20th
Sunday August 26th
US Open
Sunday October 21st

(if rain, it may be played undercover)
4.  Times of Play
  • 9:00am – 11:30am
  • All players are required to be ready to play at 9:00am and will play through to 11:30am (may finish earlier) when there will be a small prize giving. There will be rests throughout the 2.5 hours. Parents are not required to stay for the 2.5 hours.
5.  Locations

United World College (Dover Campus)
1207 Dover Road 
Singapore 139654

6.  Match Format and Points System
  • Players will play on modified courts (smaller with lower nets) with soft slower balls specifically designed for their age.
  • Players will play points for a period of 5-7 minutes, having 2 serves each and swapping – serving over arm or underarm.
  • Players will play round robin matches and be awarded points for each match they play. Prizes will be awarded to players with the most points, spot prizes and for sportsmanship.
7.  Entries

All entries can be done online. Please go to JTT Mini registration form.

Entry Fees are:

  • $45 for one tournament or if you sign up for all four you will get at 20% discount

Entry fees include 2.5 hours of matches, coordinators, and prizes.

Please note: There will be no refund given once payment has been made unless you withdraw at lease 48 hours prior to the event. Then 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.

8.  Entry Deadline

Once your entry form and payment has been received by the JTT, you will receive confirmation via email. Entries must be received by:

Saturday 27th January, 2018 - deadline for the 28th January tournament.

Saturday 10th February, 2018 - deadline for the 11th February tournament.

Saturday 17th March, 2018 - deadline for the 18th March tournament.

Saturday 19th May, 2018 - deadline for the 20th May tournament.

Saturday 18th August, 2018 - deadline for the 19th August tournament.

Saturday 25th August, 2018 - deadline for the 26th August tournament.

Saturday 8th September, 2018 - deadline for the 9th September tournament.

Saturday 20th October, 2018 - deadline for the 21th October tournament.

*Entries are limited, accepted on a first come, first served basis

9.  Match Supervision

JTT Management and Coordinators will be onsite to coordinate matches and assist with scoring.

if you have any questions please contact JTT at or H/P: 9646-5703

Thank you to all major sponsors of JTT.