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The JTT Masters Invitational will see the best of the best battle it our for the inaugural Junior Masters Tournament in June! 

After ending the biggest season to date on 17th May, JTTL tournament directors announced that it would hold a Singles Invitational Tournament over the Summer break. The 32 draw Singles Tournament will find the best singles players of the Lacoste JTTL in each age group. Having the tournament will expose JTTL players, A and B, to extra valuable tournament experience. The format of 32 draw with consolation guarantees everyone a minimum of 2 matches. There will be a girls and boys separate draw for 10/U, 12/U, 14/U & 17/U. 

Registration for JTT Masters Invitational Tournament

Prior to the JTT Master Invitational there will be an Elite Camp held at the Savitar Tennis Centre. 
For further information on this and to register please click here.


LACOSTE JTT Singles Masters – Invitational Season 1, 2015


The JTT Masters is a great way to end the season and gain valuable individual match play experience.    This is an invitational singles event for all JTTL players A and B (separate divisions) that includes a consolation event for first round losers so everyone is guaranteed 2 matches.

10/U A Boys                                             10/U A Girls                                             10/U B (Boys and girls combined)

12/U A Boys                                             12/U A Girls                                             12/U B (Boys and girls combined)

14/U A Boys                                             14/U A Girls                                             14/U B (Boys and girls combined)

17/U A Boys                                             17/U A Girls                                             17/U B (Boys and girls Combined)


Age:                    10/U (Born in 2005 or later)

                             12/U (Born in 2003 or later)

                             14/U (Born in 2001 or later)

                             17/U (Born in 1998 or later)


Eligibility:           All JTTL Season 1 2015 current participants.                                                                                                  


Draw:                  Maximum 32 draw with consolation event for all 1st match losers

8 seeds for 32 draw, 4 seeds for 16 draw (taken from STA rankings, team rankings and past JTTL results - in that order)

                             Matches are first to 9, sudden death deuce, with tie breaker at 8:8. 10/U matches are first to 6, tie breaker at 5:5.



When:                 Friday 26th- Sunday 28th June, 2015

9am – 6pm. Matches will be scheduled. Draw and schedule will be available on the website by Wednesday 24th June. You must     report 30 mins before your scheduled match (or 15mins if it’s the first match of the day). In the event of bad weather matches may  be cut to 6 games, or rescheduled.

                             Schedule will be updated daily on the website in the event of poor weather

Venue:                United World College, 1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654 (9 hard tennis courts with lights)


Deadline:            All entries must be in by Wednesday 17th June. All payment must be received by the 19th June or you will not be included in the draw, due to limited numbers. Due to limited numbers, entry will be on a first come first served basis, which must include payment. There will be a waiting list for all entries after 32, and this will be on a first come first served basis from time of entry.


Prizes:                  Trophies and/or prizes will be awarded to:

                              Main Draw: 1st,2nd and semi-finalists                       Consolation Draw: 1st and 2nd place


Payment:             $40 plus GST per person



To Enter:               Please click here for online registration



Rules and Regulations:


  1. All matches are to abide by The International Tennis Federation Rules of Tennis in conjunction with JTT rules. JTT Management reserves the right to change the rules in any way it deems fit.
  2. No players should enter in two age groups. All players must play in their current JTTL age group based on:

10 & U (Born in 2005 or later)

12 & U (Born in 2003 or later)

14 & U (Born in 2001 or later)

17 & U (Born in 1998 or later)

  1. The JTT Tournament Supervisor / Referee shall act as final on-site authority for the interpretation of the applicable JTT Tournament Rules & Regulations, ITF Rules of Tennis. If a parent abuses the Official it will result in his/her child being suspended from future JTT tournaments and JTTL.
  2. The minimum number of entries shall be 6 for each age/grade. If the draw is not full 1 week prior to deadline we reserve the right to accept entries from players not currently in Season 1, 2015. If necessary an event shall be cancelled and the entries may be drawn into the higher grade or older age group if there is one. If this is not possible then you will be refunded.
  3. The match and draw schedule will be available on the JTT webpage from the 24th June. Please see the main page for instructions to view click Junior Team Tennis. It is the players’ responsibility to check their schedule of play and turn up accordingly. You must report to the tournament referee 30mins prior to your scheduled time (15 min if first match of the day). If you are 15mins late (from your scheduled time you will be defaulted).  The referee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule if necessary.
  4. In any event a player is left out of the tournament, then the first bye will be replaced with the player, and the player involved contacted.
  5. The format of play shall be as follows:-

Each match shall be the first to 9 games with a tie breaker at 8 all. (10/U will be first to 6 games with tie breaker at 5:5) No add scoring for all matches (no advantage). When it is deuce the receiving team chooses which side to return from. The format of play may be changed at the referee’s discretion.

  1. Participants must be prepared to play up to 3 matches a day with a minimum rest period of 30 minutes in between matches.
  2. You will have a 5-minute warm up with your opponent prior to starting your match. No toilet breaks during matches unless an emergency. If the matches start late, or running late then the coordinator has the right to limit the warm up.
  3. In the event of rain, the referee shall make an announcement informing all players to dry their courts when the rain stops. Should any player fail to report 15 minutes after the announcement is made, the player will be defaulted (i.e. concedes a walk-over). No appeal will be accepted.
  4. Appropriate tennis attire and non-marking shoes must be worn at all times. We strongly recommend that caps are worn at all times during sunny weather.
  5. No racket or verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated at any time. The referee will be monitoring behaviour. You will receive one warning, then the next warning will result in the loss of a point and your third warning will be loss of the match. The tournament referee has the right to default or restrict play of any participant.
  6. A player is required to make all calls on his/her side. It is important that lines are called honestly, and to make any call that is in doubt in favor of their opponent. If there are ongoing score or line disputes, the player recognizing the problem should immediately stop the match and notify the tournament referee.
  7. NO PARENTS MUST BE ON COURT OR INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITH LINE CALLS. We understand players make mistakes or are unsure, but that is part of tennis and learning.
  8. In any disagreement over score, players are to go back to the last score they agreed on, and resume play from that point. Help establishing the rules/solving disputes is the role of the referee. No parents to be involved.
  9. If there are any disputes on or off court this must be settled by the tournament referee. If disputes are over line calls the referee may allocate another player or assistant to go on court to umpire or oversee. The allocated person may overrule if he/she sees an obvious error.
  10. Competitors play at their own risk. JTT Management and UWCSEA are not responsible for any injury, loss or other mishaps during the tournament.

Thank you to all major sponsors of JTT.